In 1886 Charles Jensen did not set out to be a furniture retailer. In fact, he was a sailmaker, par excellence. His specialty: canvas sails for both pleasure and commercial craft. In 1921 Edward Lewis started a company in custom-made canvas awnings for residential as well as business use. It was not until 1932 that these two canvas craftsmen joined forces to become Jensen-Lewis, the premier maker of canvas awnings in New York City. Thus when the company began selling canvas furniture in 1964, it was a natural outgrowth of both Charles Jensen’s and Edward Lewis’ endeavors.

The Jensen-Lewis Furniture Store opened its doors in 1964 selling canvas sofas and chairs; but we quickly expanded our collections. Today our store is very contemporary and full of intelligently designed furniture – our line is international in scope. We are constantly introducing our customers to new and innovative styles of the highest quality; but when a design proves to be a classic we add it to our permanent collection.

It’s exactly this thoughtful blend of the new and the tried-and-true that makes Jensen-Lewis New York’s most exciting furniture store. We offer you this web site as an introduction to our store. Please come in and see for yourself. Choose from a wide selection of sofas, bedrooms, dining rooms, wall systems, at-home offices, lamps and accessories – they’re all here at truly reasonable prices. Jensen-Lewis – where you furnish your home with that New York style.